Monthly Archives: September 2012

what are sitemaps anyways?

I had a client ask me about sitemaps today, and I thought I would share with the world the results I found. Unless you are doing Search Engine Optimization, or Internet Marketing, you probably don’t need to know about them, but if you want to be found on the internet...
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The iPhone 5 you have always wanted?

The following is a review by CNET on the long anticipated iPhone 5.  While I for one will not be rushing out to get it, many are interested in what it might have to offer. The good: The iPhone 5 adds everything we wanted in the iPhone 4S: 4G LTE,...
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How to Add Widgets to WordPress

This is a great tutorial I found on how to add widget locations to your WordPress footer.  It can be modified to add widgets anywhere in your site. Widgets allow you to add features to every page of the site, for Search Engine Optimization or just for functionality. I wanted...
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