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AJ’s Children’s Books, LLC is a book publishing company that specializes in picture books. Our goal is to encourage children to develop a lifelong love for books and to inspire young minds to use their mighty imaginations. AJ’s Children’s Books was founded in January 2011, by a mama who loves to read and write picture books. Mama’s Purse, written by AJ Irving and illustrated by Rick Thomson, is the first of many picture books to come from AJ’s Children’s Books.

Mama’s Purse won two awards at the Top Idaho Author and Book Awards in 2012.

AJ Irving won the Top 10 Fiction Author Award for Mama’s Purse! Awarded by Idaho Book Extravaganza, 2012

The Top Idaho Author and Book Awards honor Idaho’s best books and most talented authors. Top 10 Authors Award – A prestigious award given to authors who have published a book in the last three years, this award honors 10 outstanding nonfiction writers and 10 outstanding fiction writers. Criteria for this award includes: quality and expertise of author, including writing skill, expertise in subject area, and the strength of his or her bio/resume; success rate of book(s); other national, regional, or local awards received; and the quality/production of the book submitted.

Mama’s Purse won the Top 5 Book Award! Awarded by Idaho Book Extravaganza, 2012

Awarded to select books of exceptional quality in any nonfiction and fiction genre, criteria for this award includes: quality of content and design; success of book, including other national, regional, and local awards received; and what makes the title unique in its genre.

About AJ Irving

AJ Irving spent her childhood in Boise, Idaho, catching grasshoppers and writing stories. Her biggest dream in the whole world was to be a writer. Irving’s first published work, a poem about her mom, appeared in Writing Without Walls when she was in elementary school. Her mom still has a framed copy of the poem in the living room.

In junior high school, Irving played sports and wrote for the school newspaper. When she grew up, she wanted to move to the Big Apple and write for the New York Times. So Irving took a trip back east to meet the New York Times Sports Editor. She shook his hand and told him she would be back in ten years for a job.

Irving’s determination to be a writer continued in high school when she contributed to her school newspaper as a photographer, reporter, and editor. Her mom is so proud of all the newspaper awards that she won in high school . . . they are still on display in her old bedroom.

Irving decided New York City was too far away from her family, so she enrolled in the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon. Her desire for a more creative writing style led her to consider a different path: magazine writing. After Irving graduated, her first magazine article was published in Midwifery Today.

Irving received a B.A. in Journalism and Women’s Studies from the University of Oregon. Her entire family was very excited when she earned membership into Kappa Tau Alpha─a college honor society that recognizes academic excellence and promotes scholarship in journalism and mass communication.

In 2008, Irving and her husband started a family. She put down her pen and focused on reading books to their son. The excitement in his eyes inspired her to start writing children’s books. Now she can’t stop.

When Irving is not writing, she enjoys catching grasshoppers with her husband, Ian, and their son, Mason, in their big back yard in Idaho.


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