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Welcome to Orbit, Arachno’s revolutionary cloud-based Document and Task Management alternative to Microsoft’s SharePoint.

Orbit allows businesses to leverage the power of Google Apps for Business while maintaining the ability to easily work with any type of data from Microsoft Documents to Videos, Images and more.

Developed with the end user in mind, Orbit makes managing files, documents, tasks and day to day business activities easy and simple.

Powered by the Arachno database system and supported by the Google App Engine infrastructure, Orbit offers an enterprise-level application that is: (i) comprehensive; (ii) scalable; (iii) extendable; and, (iv) customizable to users of all types, large and small.

Orbit is more than just file sharing

Google Apps, Office Docs, Youtube, Adobe Docs, and More, all on any device at any time.

Seamless integration with Google Drive – Access and manage all of your Google Drive Files or create new Drive documents from Orbit.

Stay Organized
Structure and sort your data easily with all changes updated in real time for every user.
Google Calendar
Sync with Google Calendar, and accept or reject the task — all from an easy-to-manage Tasks homepage.
Collaborate in Orbit
Work together on Google Docs directly in Orbit – no need to open extra tabs or windows.

Manage and administer any other type of data from Microsoft Office to Adobe Creative Suite to YouTube and more.

Orbit delivers the capabilities to check a document in and out, a key feature provided by Microsoft SharePoint.
Orbit maintains older drafts of each document, enabling users to follow a document’s evolution leading up to its most up-to-date version.
Tag documents, files and folders with words or phrases known as metadata to make them easily discover-able using our Smart Search function.
Smart Search
Search for files using keywords — or metadata — associated with tagged content, or use the more typical full text search.
Manage Tasks
Create tasks and associate them with any file, document, or object, from any source.

Who can use Orbit?

Orbit is industry agnostic and is easily adopted by any corporate or business environment. We serve enterprises worldwide: from technology, retail, law and service-based firms, to financial institutions, chemical and engineering companies, and not-for-profit organizations, such as schools, governmental agencies and charities.

With Orbit, businesses can take advantage of a low-cost Document and Task Management solution while enjoying the benefits and rewards of a cloud-based platform.

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