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Type of Business: Online Dress Shop

CheraCollectionBlog_edited-1 Chera is an online business where founder Baljit Kaur, sells her elegantly designed dresses for women who are searching for affordability, quality and classy dresses. Chera was started because Baljit wanted to bring back affordable and elegantly designed, quality dresses. She had a passion for designing dresses at a young age and started Chera when she had an unbelievably tough time finding a classy, original, great quality and affordable prom dress. She was searching for originality and elegance. When she couldn’t find it, Baljit decided to make a sketch, buy some chiffon fabric and sought a seamstress to bring the creation to life. After prom, Baljit decided those ideals were going to help her start a business for women searching for their perfect dress. The unique colors and soft chiffon fabrics utilized make the dresses at Chera truly unique from the ones sold in department stores. Chera dresses are perfect for any occasion. Prom dress? Searching for bridesmaids dresses ? Attending a wedding? Celebrating a birthday? You name it and Chera takes care of the dress, you just worry about hair and make-up!


About Baljit Kaur

Baljit is a university student, living in Toronto, Canada. She loves art, listening to music of all genres and writing. Designing dresses was a hobby of hers since she was little. Baljit is a great admirer of the style of the 1950s and is inspired by the elegance of the “Golden Age of Hollywood.” Recently her new hobby is baking. In some ways it’s similar to designing because the end creation is always worth all the hard work put into it.


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