D’ z NUTS PRODUCTION / 23rd Street Productions Group

jeremy swaner

D’ z NUTS PRODUCTION / 23rd Street Productions Group

2363 emeric ave
richmond ca, 94806
510 860 6234

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Type of Business: Record Label / Non Pro fit


We work with the troubled youth & adults of the community that have an interest in the Music Productions. Rather it be the writing, recording, performing, etc we are the people to come see. No one will be turned down for any reason at anytime..


Being that most low income area’s have every little if any outlets for the youth to hang out or things to participate in is a big contributing factor in why so many end up in gangs or involved in illegal activities. Which will end them up in jail, penitentiary, or even worse.

Our Goal

Keeping the Talent in the Studio & out of the Streets. We’re their outlet. They say that you can’t save the world. . . Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

About jeremy swaner

I’m a white male from Richmond, CA. in my 34 years I’ve learned a lot. First and most important. you have to give respect to get respect. As well as you need to love everything and everyone just as equal. it sounds crazy but its the only way that you wont ever have to be disappointed or be token advantage of by the ones that we do decide to consider your close loved ones. To me the making of music is a big science project. So that how i go around about doing so. if i have an idea I’ll take the time to try and see if it is possible that it made the song more appealing to me the producer and of course you the listener.



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