“DOGGINI,” The Harness Innovators

Shelley Sandler

“DOGGINI,” The Harness Innovators

New York New York 10021

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Type of Business: Dog Harness, Innovators

We have a Patent Pending Harness that will blow away the competition as soon as it gets more distribution! Its not an overhead, not a step in, it’s a Wrap,but engineered in a way that it customized for each dog, due to our clever invention;it won’t chaff the dog, won’t yank his head, won’t pull his neck, has helped dogs with tracheal issues, or gagging reflexes. It is made with only quality materials, leathers, denims, canvas, all strong reliable material! All premium hardware, all brass or metal snaps & leash locks, No plastic or velcro! We also designed a Harness coat which means that with each coat there is an actual attached harness that you can adjust & it d=grows with your dog once it’s 9months or you know it’s predicted size. Plus we make a leash organizer with a dogie bag that makes sense! No stuffing or aggravating hard cases or zippered mesh! Go to our FB page at https://www.facebook.com/DOGGINI & you can like us too! But you can call us or email us at info@doggini.
com Our tel # 664-682-7891
Oh! 2 more Pluses Very Fashionable & hip! & USA made! How can you beat that! Made by dog owners that couldn’t take the outsourced options~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Best Regards, Shelley Sandler

About Shelley Sandler

New development selling, designer decorator faux painter,children wear designer, accessory designer, stylist, design coordinator, personal shopper, comedy writing, promotional events, F.I.T. Graduate, started designing dog harness when my dog was 9 month & broke out of his harness, since then I have spent last 4 years working on brand & 2 years designing harness & then designed an entire collection around my Trademark name, DOGGINI, Patent Pending..I am the only one to make a coat with a real harness attached to adjust & grow with your dog. My harness took 2 years to perfect! Researched 100s of people, tested & developed with engineers final product. USA made only will never outsource as long as I own it. I would like to sell my patent to a large corporation & continue designing for the better well being of dogs which is why I started in the first place. The products option in the market were poorly made & outsourced, many health issues with very popular harnesses, but people don’t like change. Just like people who use choke collars. I believe it is cruelty to an animal to do this, Since I started DOGGINI I have become involved with rescues & donate to countless causes. Donate my harnesses. and coats for charities.I love doing the design aspect, but don’t like the business part of it. I have always been a visionary in women’s fashion , mens, children’s fashion when my children were little.I love to think of new & better way to make practical hip clothes. My harness is like nothing else on the market. I know it will become very popular because it is the best option out there right now.


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