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Kimberly Glatz

Kimberly Glatz Photography

Hudson Valley New York

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Type of Business: Nightlife Event, Promo & Product Photography

Best known for her nightlife imagery within the Hudson Valley scene, Kimberly is rapidly moving to bigger events. She has photographed DJs such as Ted Dillinger, Swanky Jones, DJ ILL BILL and others while recently captured the energy at Electric Zoo with acts like David Guetta, Bingo Players, Tiesto & many, many more. What sets her work apart from others is that Kimberly focuses on the entire event, not one area is more important than the others. From DJs and backstage to lights and crowds, Kimberly puts all her attention into every detail of every show. She sees every one as a story to be told, capturing the beginning to end, and every movement, emotion and jaw-dropping moment in-between. Kimberly manages to turn each party into it’s own celebration and melodic story of lights, love & passion..

About Kimberly Glatz

Kimberly has joined two passions in her life; Music & Photography. Shooting mainly for DJ’s & clubs within the Poughkeepsie, NY area, Kimberly has found a real love for this photography. High energy and fast paced is the atmosphere for amazing images. Kimberly is Photography Editor at Pruvology, An Official photographer for Mixjunkies and is affiliated with Diamond Line Entertainment. Kimberly also loves to work in Abstract Fine Art but is always looking to build her portfolio in all aspects including but not limited to: Events, Parties, Clubs, Head shots, Experimental, Modeling and more. Please feel free to contact her at for any inquires.


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