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Erika Di Palma

My Own Fingerprint, Inc.

(323) 379-9113

P.O. Box 3083
Los Angeles, CA 90078

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Own Fingerprint, Inc. is a company based out of Los Angeles, California, inspired by a real Crime Scene Investigator which creates and sells custom made apparel and accessories with your own fingerprint. Simply place your order on the website, wait for your My Own Fingerprint Collection Card to arrive in the mail, ink your finger and mail the card back to them. In just a few weeks, your one-of-a-kind masterpiece will arrive. The world is full of trend-setters; it’s time to identify yourself.

About the Author

Erika Di Palma founded My Own Fingerprint, Inc. on the premise of wanting to showcase how inimitable fingerprints are while inspiring those around her to embrace their individuality. Her love of Forensic Science came at a young age and continued to strengthen with time. She studied Criminology and Anthropology at the University of Miami and received her Masters of Forensic Science from the George Washington University, concentrating in Crime Scene Investigation.

She began working as a Forensic Identification Specialist in Los Angeles and has since lifted hundreds of fingerprints and collected physical evidence at real crime scenes. She is innately passionate about her career and in the fact of knowing that evidence speaks for itself – whether to show innocence or prove guilt. Now the knowledge she has gained in her profession is allowing others to embrace their uniqueness through the use of biometric apparel and accessories.

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