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National Credit Educational Services

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Type of Business: Credit Restoration

National Credit Educational Services (NCES) educates families about the pitfalls of Credit, by providing ongoing Credit Education. This allows people to attain, then maintain, better Credit Scores. Because of divorce, job layoffs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and other disparaging events, many people lose their ability to maintain a worthy Credit Status. Not only does NCES provide Credit Education awareness, we also provide a Credit Restoration Program that improves Credit Scores for individuals, and prepares them to become homeowners or investors.

In society today, the information on Credit Reports, and the data that comprises Credit Scores affects, auto insurance rates, utility rates, and the ability to secure a job. In America today, there exists a percentage of information on Credit Reports that is inaccurate. In many situations, these inaccuracies are enough to encompass entire families into Credit Bondage. Here at NCES, our objectives promote financial freedom in many different ways, through Credit Awareness, Credit Education, and Credit Restoration.

About Breezy Gipson

Breezy Gipson is an Entreprenuer, and Agent with National Credit Educational Services


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