Palm Beach Home Electronics LLC.

Derek J Carroll

Palm Beach Home Electronics LLC.

605 Laurel Rd.
North Palm Beach, FL 33408

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Type of Business: Electronic Home Entertainment Systems

Palm Beach Home Electronics designs, sells & installs & programs, HDTV, 3D HDTV, Blu-Ray, A/V Receivers, Speakers, Surround Sound, Sound Bar, Wireless Speakers, Sonos, URC remotes, Home Theater, Whole House Audio, high quality electronic home entertainment systems in Palm Beach County. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and support. Our systems are easy to use and provide a high level of client satisfaction. “It’s not about the equipment, it’s all about the experience!”


Palm Beach HDTV, Palm Beach 3D HDTV, Palm Beach Blu-Ray, Palm Beach A/V Receivers, Palm Beach Speakers, Palm Beach Surround Sound, Palm Beach Sound Bar, Palm Beach Wireless Speakers, Palm Beach Sonos, Palm Beach URC remotes, Palm Beach Home Theater, Palm Beach Whole House Audio,Palm Beach high quality electronic home entertainment systems in Palm Beach County

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Tom Strubinger was raised in the Mid-West and has lived in South Florida since 1995. He got his first exposure to computer maintenance and programming in 1988, and has been the friend and neighbor everyone relied for computer help, ever since. In 2001 after 911 tragedy, he went back to school and started doing IT Support professionally. In 2004 SoFla Networking was incorporated as a LLC and has been thriving ever since. SoFla Networking now offers Complete IT Solutions including Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

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