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Type of Business: Photography Professional & Commercial Child Photographer

My love for photography all began when my nephew was born. I found myself always carrying around my camera and taking pictures of “anything” he did, and that was and still is fun, but that is not how the passion was found. My true passion for photography began after a heart wrenching breakup. I needed to get out of the house, so I made a commitment to myself, that every day I was going to head out and take pictures of anything beautiful. You should have seen the “beautiful” squirrels I captured:) Yes, I was finding the beauty in everything and anything that God put on this earth and I felt something changing inside of me. I was noticing the bee’s on the flowers, the smell of the salt in the air at the beach, the sounds of secluded parks, just how tall the trees really are when you lie on your back and look up, and most importantly the peaceful feeling within.

After a few months of my nature adventure, I had a thought that I would like to photograph a baby. Not having any children of my own, babies are so magical to me. I love to stare at them and ponder on the true miracle they are. At 40 years old, I didn’t have any friends with newborns, so I called my younger brother and asked if he had any friends with a new baby, to my surprise he said yes. A few phone calls later, and I was at his buddy Kyle’s house taking pictures of his sweet newborn baby boy, Kyler! What an incredible 4 hour experience. I had no idea what I was doing quite honestly, but I did know how to handle a baby with care, so I just went with my instincts throughout the entire session. I was happy (they were probably ready to kick me out of their house after the 1st hour) but I wasn’t leaving until I knew what I had envisioned in my head (which was a baby in a basket:)), come to life! They were the nicest couple and knew I was doing this, just to do it!!

When I arrived home and loaded those images on my computer, I broke down in tears, and it was THAT moment I realized I found my TRUE PASSION in life – WOW!!!! What an unbelievable feeling.

About Sandra Bianco

My nickname is San. My nephew calls me Aunt SanSan 🙂 I LOVE & Adore my nephew, Jack, with all of my heart!! I am totally 100% addicted to coffee, i even drink it right before i go to bed. Bridges freak me out a little (i seriously thought i was going to have an anxiety attack on the Brooklyn Bridge a few years back) I have a BIG LOVE for animals!!! I have 3 dogs and a bunny (almost time to move out to a farm) I love when people make me laugh. I’m a country girl at heart. I have an amazing, supportive, & loving family! I’m the middle child. I love nature. I LOVE cold weather but live in Florida? (working on that!) My first job ever was cleaning pools with my BFF (who happens to be one of my lifetime friends) I love to hang out in sweats but can dress to the 9′s if i have to. I make some pretty amazing biscotti. I LOVE children but do not have any of my own (which is why i LOVE to photograph them so much) I’m dedicated and committed to all things i love. I have a hate relationship with my hair and you will most of the time see it up. I sometimes wish that God was on my timing instead of vice versa:) I use to be and early to bed person until about a year ago, now i’m a night owl (still haven’t figured out how that happened) My favorite flowers are tulips & gerber daisies (maybe I’m writing this on here in case the man of my dreams ever finds me?) My pre-shooting ritual is to run by Dunkin Donuts and grab a coffee. Mexican food is my favorite. I love to hang around with people who lift me higher.


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