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Swap Your Mama

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Type of Business: Barter – online swap/sell and promote site

SwapYourMama.com is a one-stop swap and sell site, local to global. No matter where you are, you can swap item for item or item for service as well as sell and promote goods and services of all kinds.

Sell your jewelry, promote your app, advertise your media services, share your artwork, push your newest book or latest music.   You choose whether to gear your post to your neighborhood or the world.  You’ll enjoy plenty of space to post & can include up to three photos.

Use us — we are and will remain 100% free. Recycle, re-use, reduce, rethink.  We welcome the wacky and the sublime.

We also feature Interviews with cool people, a forum with a “secret garden” where you can share secrets & remain anonymous, and a blog,

We are  working hard to build our brand and reach the people — join us and grow with us.  Swap, sell and promote  — we’re free and easy and the possibilities are endless.

About Silvia Sanza

I am the creator of Swap Your Mama. com, an online totally free local-to-global swap and sell site.

I am also a novelist, artist, and photographer with my personal website @ SilviaSanza.com.  I’ve had two novels published by Serpents Tail, London, and my latest, Negative Space, was just published on Amazon and can be found at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00AKYW0TA

I am happy, inspired, and love keeping busy!


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