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Type of Business: Consultant, Speaker, Executive Coach

Business Focus: “Aligning People with Strategy.” Working with Executive Level teams, we confirm the direction of the business and cascade the business deliverable down through the organization so that employees at all levels know exactly how what they do every day contributes to the success of the business. Solutions are provided based upon the needs of the organization and the best, most efficient and most cost effective way to achieve the desired results. Performance Management, Executive Coaching and customized Leadership Development Programs are implemented most frequently.

Individual Focus: Creating transformation inside an organization can only occur when each person has the tools and strategies to take initiative and transform themselves. Too many people are waiting for change to occur in others instead of becoming the change themselves. Through Executive Coaching and Speaking, individuals are empowered with the tools and strategies to “Align with Success” and learn how to Navigate through the “Dynamics of Life.”

About Jeannine Rizzo

Jeannine Rizzo authored her first book called, “The Inside Edge: 21 Insights to Align Your Success,” in January 2012. The book was written to help empower individuals with tools and strategies to move through the dynamics of life easily and effortlessly.


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