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Type of Business: Property Management Software

Our Mission is to provide simple yet comprehensive property management software at an affordable price. Rentec is based in Grants Pass, OR, USA. We are a group of property owners, investors, and managers ourselves and we became tired of the paper shuffle and lack of suitable software required to manage properties. After a lot of searching, we found a clear void in the property software department. When we began this project, there was literally no reliable online property management software application which we could trust to manage our properties and tenants. We decided to do something about that by creating Rentec Direct.

About Dulcey Schuster

As a real-estate investor and landlord myself I know how tedious it can be to maintain proper records. I’ve checked in with various landlords and to my surprise I found most of those who own a few properties manage their income and expenses by memory. This causes trouble when needing to confirm if a payment arrived on X date, or come tax time tracking the years expenses for repairs and other tax deductions can be a nightmare. I’ve found that the many of the various softwares available today that can assist landlords in the day-to-day management of their property, are entirely too complicated. We decided to write our own rental software to manage our properties, and have now made that same property management software available to all landlords and property managers at the most competitive rate in the industry.

Rentec Direct’s property management software has blossomed over the years into a full fledge application in use by landlords, property managers, and associations to manage their day to day business. We now also offer tenant screening as well as payment processing for landlords via ach and credit card.


Online File Management, Bank, Property, and Tenant Accounting, Tenant Screening, Automatic ACH Payments, Publish Rental Vacancies Online, Manage Recurring Transactions, tenant credit,

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