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Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is the holistic internet marketing approach to getting your website to the top of the search engines for your niche. With Google’s frequent updates to their algorithm, gone are the days of Black Hat SEO. Today’s SEO professionals know that Black Hat techniques will collapse soon after starting, keyword stuffing, and anchor text abuse no longer get the job done. Since the Penguin update, many marketing professionals have had to take a step back and figure out new ways of getting there. Many have lost their clients, others have suffered a worse fate and been sued.

Our experts know that content is KING. Today’s SEO is more about updating and optimizing more than ever, and our organic approach have weathered the storm of Panda and Penguin updates, and continue to rank well for their niche. Organic SEO is a process, and requires proper research, and a slow and steady execution.

How Long does it Take?

The age of your website, and the length you have owned the domain play an important role in the length of time it will take to rank well. Some websites, with lots of good content, that have just not been optimized properly will float to the top in a few weeks, while others take up to three months.

Our experts believe that any company can be ranked on the first page of Google in three months. We believe this so strongly, the we GUARANTEE our services.

How can you guarantee top rankings?

We start by looking at the keywords for your niche, as well as the competition in the niche. We then develop a SEO Marketing Strategy, and base our cost to you on that strategy. We believe that if you pay for Internet Marketing, you should get results. Some times the ROI doesn’t make sense for a small business owner, and we understand that as small business ourselves, but we would rather turn down the job, than fail to produce.

So what is the guarantee?

We guarantee we will get you to the first page of Google by the end of the third month, or we stop charging until we get you there.

How much does it cost?

Every niche is different, but cost vary between $250-$2500 for a six month guaranteed contract. We do one time optimization of websites based upon content, and can “boost” rankings as well on a month to month basis, but we prefer to guarantee our work. Most clients see #1 rankings around the third month, and tall of their keywords will be in the top 3 by the fifth and sixth month.

What are the keywords for my niche?

The way you determine keywords is by brain storming what people would search for, if they were looking for your service. We then take those keywords, and see how many times they are searched on a average monthly basis. Some keywords wont return any results because the niche is too small, so we base our decisions on what larger similar niches are getting hits for. You can explore your niche with Google’s External Keyword Tool

Some of our local searches get huge numbers of searches

Are there really that many people out there looking locally? The answer is YES, first of all you found this site didn’t you? You may have even searched Internet Marketing West Palm Beach . Here are some of the numbers for searches made in Palm Beach County as of 04/04/2012. These numbers are average number of monthly searches according to google.


Attorney Palm Beach – 18,100

Palm Beach Lawyer – 12,100

Doctor Palm Beach – 9900

Air Conditioning Palm Beach – 3600

Plumbing Palm Beach – 2900

Landscaping Palm Beach – 1900

Electrician Palm Beach – 1000


Call for your free Keyword Analysis and find out how many people are searching for your business.

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Tom Strubinger was raised in the Mid-West and has lived in South Florida since 1995. He got his first exposure to computer maintenance and programming in 1988, and has been the friend and neighbor everyone relied for computer help, ever since. In 2001 after 911 tragedy, he went back to school and started doing IT Support professionally. In 2004 SoFla Networking was incorporated as a LLC and has been thriving ever since. SoFla Networking now offers Complete IT Solutions including Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.