Add a Facebook Like box to your website

The developers at Facebook have made it really easy for you to add a link to your Facebook page. This is nice, because in the past it was really difficult and required special coding knowledge, now with a little input from you the code will be generated and you can place it anywhere you would like on your website.

This works especially well with widgets, when you have a WordPress site. (see adding widgets to your website)

To get started visit the developers page –>

adding facebook like box

  1. at the top put in the Facebook URL this will be\%your_user_name%
  2. If you need to adjust the width or height you can input in those corresponding boxes, but start with the defaults, and change as needed.
  3. If you have a light colored website, you should leave it on the “light theme” In this case it went into the footer of my website that was dark, so I chose the “dark theme”
  4. Depending on the space available to you, you can chose to show the faces of those that like you, I was a little short on space, so I chose not to.
  5. Stream is the recent post on your Facebook page. In my opinion if you get rid of this you are defeating the purpose, but they will still be able to like you, I guess… I would only use in extreme cases of a limited space.
  6. Show header, is a box that says like us on Facebook. You can add this text yourself, and if you are using a widget with text, you will need to put a title anyway.
  7. Once you have filled out those options, click get code.add facebook to website
  8. The top code as it explains needs to be placed under the <body> tag in your website.
  9. The second code goes where you would like the box to show up.

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