Easily add a link to your website on your Facebook Business Page

Since Facebook changed their layouts, you do not automatically get a link to your website from your business page. For SEO purposes you should be sharing your blog postings, and website pages on Facebook everytime you create one, but you should still have a link to the root URL at the top of your page.

Although you could create a new app with Facebook, it can be very complicated, and there is a very simple way to do this. The iFrame App allows you to embed entire pages, or even just create a back link to your website.

Here is how to Add a tab to your website on your Facebook Business Page

  1. Log in to Facebook as yourself
  2. Go to this Facebook app https://www.facebook.com/iframehost?sk=app_208195102528120
    add a tab to your facebook page
  3. Click the green box “Install Page Tab”
  4. Choose the page(s) you want to install a tab to, and click Add page tab
    choose facebook page
  5. If you only chose one, it will automatically direct you to the settings page, if you check mulitple pages on the page above, you will have to visit each page separately. Just click on the newly created tab to set it up.
    iFrame Tab Settings
  6. You can change the image shown, just click on “change image tab” then browse your computer for an image you would like to use. keep in mind this is a small thumbnail, so keep it simple.
  7.  For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to select redirect, and then type in the URL you want to create a link to. If you want to show an entire webpage on your Facebook page, you can select URL, and then type in the URL you would like to embed. I will be covering this on a later posting
  8. You can change the tab name from Welcome to whatever you like, I suggest you keep it short. It will squeeze in the letters, but it makes it difficult to read if you have to many. If your company has an anagram you can use it, otherwise “Visit our Website” fits well. If you are just getting started with SEO for your company, you could consider using a keyword here. Anytime you have a text that links to your website it is called Anchor Text, however tread lightly. In the past Internet Marketing professionals have abused this, so if you get to many back links with the same anchor text that are keywords, you could be flagged by Google.
  9. Click “Save Settings”
  10. You may be asked to grant the application permission, this is normal, click yes
  11. Your tab has been installed and you should have something that looks similar to the page below
    Facebook for Business Page Development


If you would like to move your Facebook page tab

  1. click the down arrow
    move facebook tabs
  2. this will expand the next row of tabs, and give you access to more options. with this window expanded you can now put your mouse over the upper right hand corner of the tab, and it will give you options to “swap positions” with the other tabs (photos never move) I like my websites to be the 2nd tab, so I choose swap with likes.
    Switch tab facebook Business page
  3. This is what it looks like after the swap has taken place, if you add more tabs, (Twitter perhaps?) you may want to move the likes and the maps to the second row. Especially if you do not have very many likes, like this company.

If this all sounds a bit too complicated for you, SoFla Networking can install the tab for you for $25. We create Facebook fan pages, and create followings as part of our Social Media Packages. We offer complete Internet Marketing strategies for your company, and work exclusively with one company per niche. So if you would like to be found more on the internet you need to contact us.

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Tom Strubinger was raised in the Mid-West and has lived in South Florida since 1995. He got his first exposure to computer maintenance and programming in 1988, and has been the friend and neighbor everyone relied for computer help, ever since. In 2001 after 911 tragedy, he went back to school and started doing IT Support professionally. In 2004 SoFla Networking was incorporated as a LLC and has been thriving ever since. SoFla Networking now offers Complete IT Solutions including Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

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