Google Author information another way to boost your SERPS

If you create content or blog regularly then you need to become an official Google Author.

What is Google Author Information? How can it help me?

Google is piloting the display of author information in search results to help users discover great content. Many people believe this ranking system will become even more important than page rank, which has been the primary way Google has ranked these pages for years. Check out my sample [Thomas Strubinger google plus]

Creating a Google Author profile will make you stand out from the crowd in search results (SERPS) by showing your picture next to the article, and it’s likely to give you a push up the rankings. The only thing you have to do is ‘claim’ your Google Authorship. It’s not too difficult, but they do make you create a Google + account.

Google is doing this because they are trying to identify banish spammers and content farmers, while finding quality content creators and . If you’re a genuine writer, podcaster or video maker, you should create your Google Author profile to identify you as a maker of quality content.

It is believed Google Authors will increasingly rank higher in SERPS in future, and content creators who haven’t set up the magic profile could be banished to the back of the class.

What exactly is a Google Author?

A content creator who is clearly identified in search results by their photo, their website name, how many Google Circles they are in and (sometimes) a “More by…” link (all of which is known as an Author Rich Snippet).

But how much does it really matter…

No one, except the team at Google really knows, but many have SEO Experts have an opinion. Mike Arnesen is a  SEO specialist. He explained the background to the Google Author programme on SEOMoz’s Daily SEO Blog. For years Google has wanted to exclude spam content from search results and has been playing with the idea of AuthorRank, aka Google Authorship.

Mike says that as time goes on Google search will focus less on PageRank and more on AuthorRank.This is how he put it.

I’m certain that Google is going to begin incorporating AuthorRank into their ranking algorithm in the not-too-distant future. I’d put good money on it.

All the signs point to it: Google’s emphasis on social, Google Authorship, their ongoing efforts to measure site trust, and their progressive devaluation of raw links as a ranking factor.

People want to read content written by credible and knowledgeable people and using AuthorRank as a major part of their search algorithm just makes sense.

Mike  says AuthorRank will take into account many factors aside from Google Authorship. Factors like PageRank, how many Google Circles you are in and how many Google+1s you get. Check out his article for more on that.

Rick DeJarnette is another straight shooting SEO guru who’s been saying for a while that Google authorship is good for content creators. Even last year he wrote

Certainly this is a good development for writers.

How many authors out there would appreciate earning some institutional authority for their consistent excellence in writing?

And earlier this year he added

With authorship markup, your Google Profile is your digital identity base. You’ll use your profile to both link out to your online content and create links back from that online content. That closed loop, when done right, is intended to ensure you and only you are identified as the content’s author. And once that circuit is established, Google will likely use that data to help establish a form of author rank for your content.

The quality of your past content will affect your author reputation ranking, and your author reputation ranking will affect the ranking of your published online content – including future posts.

So how do I do it?

The first step is to set up Google Authorship. You’re going to need a Google Account, a Google+ profile and access to your user profile on your blog or website.

Depending on whether you write for your own simple WordPress blog, or a more complex site, there are different methods. They range from the easy to the bit-more-complicated. In some cases of multi-author websites or blogs, it is probably a job for a web person. If you have a WordPress blog there are many plugin that can help you with this. I am currently using WP Google Author Link on this blog, but there are many available, and if you have spent very much time at this you might know, some play better with others….

I already had a Google + account, so I used this tutorial from Google Webmaster tools. If you have a small business owner and been trackign your metrics, this should work for you.

It’s pretty clear from looking at an average page of SERPS that many, if not most, content creators haven’t yet set up their Google Author profiles. So do it now – get ahead and stand out!

If you can’t figure it out hire someone who knows how, my cost for setting this piece up is $50 small price to pay for what may just be the next big thing.

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