Social Media 101 | How to build a following

How to build a following on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+

“I have asked all my friends and acquaintances to like my pages, follow me on Twitter, circle me on Google, and now I can’t seem to get any more followers. How do I build my social media following further?” or something like that is a question I get asked alot. So I figured great Blog article.

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Step One – Friends

If you have asked everyone you know to follow, connect, like, share, and circle you, at least you have already taken the first step. If you have not yet,  do it now, and remind them every 2 months or so to like and follow you. Monday mornings between 9:00 and 10am, and Fridays between 3pm and 5:30 seem to be the most active for me.

In my experience most people have the most communication on Facebook, and that is a great place to start. Connect with everyone you ever knew and anyone who wants to connect with you. If you are a “private Facebook person”, and do not wish to connect with everyone who want to connect with you, create a second profile for “business” purposes, and connect with everyone that way. This way you can keep your private life private, while building your business connections. If you have not created a separate page for your business to like, do this now as well. Invite all those people we connected with earlier to like you business page.

Step Two – People who follow

There are many types of people in this world, and although I am only giving a small example here, web designers, internet marketers, and realtors all will be more than willing to connect and follow you. Like their pages, and leave them a message asking them to do the same. On many platforms, such as twitter, and Google+ these people will automatically follow you back to keep from losing you. (there are programs out there that will automatically um-follow people who do not follow you back,  a topic for a later post)

Step Three – Like\Following threads

There are many threads around the internet where people leave their Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) and expect you to like them in return for your likes. You can find many of these on LinkedIn. There is a colossal thread in the Social Media Marketing Group with almost 2800 comments on it. You can get a good start there, leave your urls at the end of the thread and go through and like as many companies as you can. While doing so leave them a message asking them to return the favor. I also usually will engage their post by liking or commenting on a few, and when doing so will advise them of that too, in hopes they will engage my post back.

Be prepared to get many LinkedIn messages, Facebook messages, and wall post for the Facebook page you left in the above thread. They are just looking for a return on their time investment, return the favor to as many as you can find the time, some will fall off if you never message them back or return the favor.

Step Four – Social Media traffic trading sites

A Social Media Traffic trading or a social media traffic sharing site is based on the same premises as above, but their a monetary value assigned to it. For every like, follow or circle you give, you earn points. That you in turn assign value to your URLs for traffic in return. These sites work well when there is a high volume of people trafficking them. Two of the better ones I am currently using are You Like Hits and Add me Fast. They both have benefits and drawbacks, so I will lay these out to you below.

You Like Hits

You Like Hits I discovered first, and is a good social media traffic trading site. It uses your twitter account to login, and when the admin realizes something is being abused he takes it off line until he can fix that feature. He is also good about banning people who do not follow the rules, by liking to get points then un-liking later.

They offer Instagram Followers,   StumbleUpon Followers,  and  LinkedIn Shares, something I have yet to find anywhere else. I use this for LinkedIn, and Twitter a lot, and it is a good way to get re-tweets and tweets Favorited. It has many different social platforms, most of which I do not use. I will say this beware using the LinkedIn share too much, as LinkedIn may block your URL, and that will prevent from the title and description of posts from coming through, if they think it has been abused. One of my websites is currently being blocked, and I am working on recovering it. If and when I have an answer to how this is done I will definitely share…

Here are all the services they offer  Twitter Followers,  Twitter Tweets,  Twitter Favorites,  Twitter Retweets,  Facebook Likes,  Google+ Circles,   YouTube Likes,   YouTube Views,   YouTube Subscribers,   Instagram Followers,   StumbleUpon Followers,   LinkedIn Shares,   Pinterest Followers,   Pinterest Pins,   Pinterest Repins,   Pinterest Likes,   SoundCloud Followers,   ReverbNation Fans, and   Website Views.

The best part about this site is the number of users. I don’t know how many, but I have gotten 3,372 Twitter follower clicks, in the past 2 months. I wish I could track exactly but hte fall off has been about half. Meaning the unfollowed me later for whatever reason. Very easily have been able to get directed Tweets, Re-Tweets, and Favorites. The biggest down side to this site is that it does not have a way to like your Facebook fan page, only website pages. You also have to install code on your site in order to use this feature.

Add me Fast

Add me Fast I just discovered and I really am loving on. It has all the major platforms, and am getting a large number of followers. You can also set a limit to how many click you want to receive per day and/or life time. I also love that you can set where you want the clicks to come from by Country, mulitple countries or worldwide.

You can get like for Facebook pages, Facebook likes for websites, likes for Facebook post, shares for Facebook posts, Facebook shares for URLs, Google Circles, Instagram Followers , Twitter Followers, Twitter Tweets, Twitter Retweets, Twitter Favorites, YouTube Views, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Likes, Pinterest Followers, Pinterest Repins , Pinterest Likes, Reverbnation Fans, SoundCloud Followers, StumbleUpon followers, and Website Views.

The downside to this site, is people doesnt seem to be as willing to tweet, retweet, like post, and share post. (Maybe there is a special amount of points I need to find…) There is drop off with the site as well, but I have found if you follow people back they usually will stay.

Social Media management tools

So now that you have the tools above you need to manage your accounts. On Twitter and Google+ you dont want to heavily be following too many more than are following you, so you need to be able to compare easily..  Come back Monday and Ill tell you how…

If this post helped you or you have any questions please leave a comment below.


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Tom Strubinger was raised in the Mid-West and has lived in South Florida since 1995. He got his first exposure to computer maintenance and programming in 1988, and has been the friend and neighbor everyone relied for computer help, ever since. In 2001 after 911 tragedy, he went back to school and started doing IT Support professionally. In 2004 SoFla Networking was incorporated as a LLC and has been thriving ever since. SoFla Networking now offers Complete IT Solutions including Web Design, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.

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  1. Carol Heuser says:

    Nice job Tom – great information.

  2. Carol Heuser says:

    Tom – what is aone site that send your post everywhere?

    • There a few of them out there that do it, but your probably thinking of HootSuite.

      The general consensus in Social Media circles is HootSuite, and these other automated ways of sharing on Social Media actually hurt you by regurgitating everything the same way.

      You are actually better off sharing them manually, or via separate tools. For example I use a WordPress plugin that automatically tweets my new posts, and then I manually share it via Facebook.

      I am working on article about automation tools, and I hope to have it up next week sometime.Thanks for reading the article and commenting….

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