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We all know that Twitter is a invaluable resource when it comes to connecting with others and driving traffic back to your site or blog. I am willing to bet that Twitter is in most peoples top 5 in regards to traffic sources. There is an easy way to increase that metric and gain more traffic through getting your tweets retweeted by others. The best part about using these services is that they are free and most also offer ways to help increase your twitter followers as well. This is what I call a Win-Win situation. Be sure to come back to find out about tweet adder, another great program to help you in your twitter efforts…


Here are the Top 5 Twitter Retweeting Services

Just Retweet

Just Retweet is a relatively new site that I discovered by reading the Grow Map blog.  This site works in the same way as, where you earn credits by retweeting and then use those credits so others will retweet you.  There are a couple of cool features that help this service stand out.  I like how you can specify how many followers the user must have if you want them to tweet your message.  That way your credit is not wasted on a twitter account that has 18 followers.  I also like how you can earn credits by following others and by browsing websites.  In turn you can set credits and have people follow you and browse your site.

For a more in depth review of Just Retweet – Check out the review written by Shurley Hall over at Basic Blog Tips


Easy Retweet is very similar to Just Retweet.  They do have several additional features that are worth noting.  They recently implemented a list building section where you can earn credits for subscribing to someone’s list.  You can also offer credits to those that will sign up for your list.  They also offer many ways to earn free credits beyond just a referral link.  You earn credits by liking them on Facebook and signing up to their list and several other ways. is the oldest and most established Retweeting site of its kind. I also think it is the easiest to use. You simply sign up, when you do you will earn 5 credits. You earn more credits by retweeting other people’s tweets. You then enter your own tweet and use your credits to entice them to retweet you.


 Ad Retweet




AdRetweet is basically a clone of but is works well and is easy to use.



I saved the best for last.  I just started using and I am hooked.  The concept is pretty  strait forward, you sign in with Facebook or Twitter and you earn points for granting favors.  There are 4 main categories ; promote a link, review a site, introductions, and general.  Most of the favors that members are asking for are retweets, likes and Linkedin connections.  Exchanging retweets is only a fraction of what this site is all about but I am betting that this site will eclipse all the others I just mentioned in regards to driving traffic back to your site.

Did I miss any?  Which one is your favorite?

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