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Virtual Assistance by Andrea

My goal is to assist small, medium and large companies with all of their administrative needs. I have been a corporate admin assistant for nearly 10 years and I have just recently decided that starting up my own company to provide services to various firms on an ad hoc or...
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ThinkRivera Technologies

ThinkRivera Technologies is a creative and technology firm dedicated to making brands spectacular and well-known. I have blended my expertise in information technology, website production, content writing, graphic arts and social media strategy to form a remarkable skill set that is rarely seen in our industry. TRT works with clients...
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What is Guest Blogging and Why should you do it?

Guest Blogging is exactly what you think it might be, bloggers providing articles for websites other than their own. The purpose of which is to increase traffic to their primary website, and to create backlinks. The act of guest blogging requires an agreement to provide a piece of content to another...
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