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Barefoot Panama Tours

Barefoot Panama Tours was started over 5 years ago. I had traveled through 40 countries and led tours in 15 (from Argentina to Alaska) and then finally settled here, in Panama. Panama is much more than the Panama Canal! Panama City offers a modern metropolis steeped in history and other...
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Soluna Air Charter Inc.

Soluna Air Charter is a personalized jet provider service for executives and individuals seeking luxurious regional, continental, and international air travel.Our dedicated charter representatives offer competitive quotes and an unsurpassed level of exceptional customer service in arranging your next flight. As a full- service Global Air Charter Provider we will...
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Michelle Rinaldi | Premier Homes Group at Keyes Real Estate

Michelle Rinaldi Premier Homes Group at Keyes Real Estate 11290 Legacy Ave., Suite 140 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 (561) 371-6224 Michelle@MichelleRinaldi.com www.MichelleRinaldi.com Find us on Social Media https://www.facebook.com/PremierHomesGroupMichelleRinaldi https://twitter.com/RinaldiMichelle http://michellehomematcher.blogspot.com/ Type of Business: Realtor Premier Homes Group has over 12 years of experience buying and selling homes and is...
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