Virtual Assistance by Andrea

Andrea Piper

Virtual Assistance by Andrea

Vancouver, BC

(604) 615-6630

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Type of Business: Virtual Office Assistant

My goal is to assist small, medium and large companies with all of their administrative needs. I have been a corporate admin assistant for nearly 10 years and I have just recently decided that starting up my own company to provide services to various firms on an ad hoc or contract basis. I provide a variety of administrative and online business services to all of my clients. All of my clients are able to customize their number of hours, services and length of contract.

I can provide social media support like Twitter or Facebook. As well as Microsoft Office support, via Word, Excel or PowerPoint document creation and template design. It is my goal to assist businesses in building their online brand awareness and marketing their image.

About Andrea Piper

After completing my Bachelor of Arts I began a career in the corporate world as an administrative assistant. After nearly 10 years in that field it has become my passion to help others build their business. I am passionate, resourceful and creative in social media, Mircosoft Office, as well as assisting with personal wireless devices and tablets.


Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Social Media Marketing, Brand awareness, Image, Branding, Microsoft Office, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Blogging, Business, Local Internet Marketing,

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