How to remove that little pop up window on shared Google Maps

Hello all, I was searching for a way to remove that pesky text box above my shared Google map on my website, and this solution worked great. Thanks to William Duffy at for sharing the original posting. I thought my followers would find it interesting as well so I re-posted it here.

Before I show you how to manually turn the address bubble off, let’s look at how it should work. You will still use a decent part of Google’s customization tool so I recommend you step though the whole post rather than skip to the end. Go to Google Maps and search for your postcode, you will be presented with a map of your general area and a location pointer of your postcode. You can use my location if you are to lazy to do your own.

remove google text box

Once you have your map and are happy with it click “link” at the top right of the page and choose “Customise and preview embedded map”.


A neat little popup will present you with options to customise your map. Notice at the bottom of the page is the code which is being generated from your options. It’s part 3 [Copy and paste this HTML to embed in your website]


Click the close button (the x) on your address bubble <NOT THE BROWSER WINDOW>, and you will notice the code at the bottom of the window updates, removing “iwloc=A&amp;” from list of parameters. This should be you ready to roll, however a problem remains. If iwloc is not explicitly specified in the parameters then it defaults to A, which shows the address bubble, negating the effect you just got by closing it.


So with that in mind, the solution is simple. Instead of using the “Customise and preview embedded map” to remove the iwloc parameter simply remove it yourself. First, click on the pointer again to make the address bubble visible. Then drag the map around to reposition the pointer in the centre of the map frame. This is important because Google has already altered the lat/long values to cater for your pointer AND their address bubble.


Once you are happy with the location of the pointer copy the code from part 3 [Copy and paste this HTML to embed in your website]. When you paste the code into your page simply find “iwloc=A&amp;” and remove A from the value. You should be left with “iwloc=&amp;”, in essence explicitly setting it to null.

You now have a Google Map with a beutifully centred pointer and no more address bubbles. Result!

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